Communication disorders can affect people of all ages. Whether from birth or as a result from an accident or disease, our certified speech/language pathologists can help you find the words. The following disorders are seen for children and adults at our office:

Language Delay and Disorders-Difficulty understanding spoken language or expressly communicating
feelings, thoughts, and experiences

Articulation Delay and Disorders-Difficulty making correct sounds in words, sentences, and

Verbal Apraxia-Difficulty coordinating oral motor movements to correctly produce sounds in words,
sentences, and conversation

Voice Disorders-Difficulty with quality, pitch, volume, and inflection of voice

Stuttering-Difficulty with talk with continued involuntary repetition of sounds, phrases, and
blocking that interferes with conversation

Central Auditory Processing Disorder(CAPD)-Difficulty with processing the information they hear
because the ears and brain do not coordinate
Cognitive Communication Disorders-Difficulty thinking clearly, remembering, or solving problems

Dysphagia-Swallowing disorders resulting from illness, surgery, stroke, and/or injury