Melissa Miles, MS, CCC-SLP, is a Speech, Language Pathologist and founder of Speech Path Services, a private practice associated with the Pediatric Wellness Network and Adult Rehab Center located in Marlton, NJ.

Recently, she acquired Better Speech and Feeding Center, Inc. and is the principal speech pathologist at the center.

Melissa graduated from Kutztown University in 1988 with a BS degree in Special Education and Speech/Language Pathology and a minor in Psychology and from Nova Southeastern University in 1993 with a MS degree in Speech/Language Pathology. She is certified by the American Speech, Language, Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed to practice speech, language and related services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She is listed in the ASHA directory at and the Pennsylvania Speech, Language, Hearing Association directory at She is a member of the ASHA Special Interest Groups for Voice Disorders and Telepractice. Melissa continues to give back to her fellow graduates by supervising newly graduated professionals through their nine month clinical fellowship year (CFY).

In addition, Melissa was also found in the Who’s Who Directory from 2010-2013. Her private practice, Speech Path Services was further awarded best practices in the Hainesport area from 2010-2012 and was awarded an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Melissa has worked with a variety of patient populations (mild to severely profound) and clinical settings including schools, home-care agencies, hospitals (inpatient/outpatient), long-term care facilities, and early intervention programs. She specializes in the care of infants, children and adults with a variety of speech related difficulties including apraxia, phonological and auditory processing disorders; language disorders including autism spectrum and mentally challenged; voice disorders including vocal nodules, polyps, paralysis and laryngectomees; fluency; and cognitive rehab related to neurological disorders, many forms of dementia, and induced comas.

The following are additional accomplishments Melissa has made to the speech pathology field during her career:
Collaborated with local home health agency to develop digital speech evaluation and treatment notes to increase efficiency taught home health aide classes for a local agency

Developed, trained, and implemented a restorative nursing program and a Cognitive program for Dementia for long-term care facilities

Managed 12 Speech/language pathologists in rehab facilities in NJ and PA (1995-1999)

Helped to create early intervention services in multicultural communities in the NJ/PA/FL area

Was a committee leader for establishing OT/PT/SLP documentation protocol to improve payments from insurance companies as Director of Speech Department at St. Agnes Hospital in Philadelphia (1999-2002)

Was a co-chair for FLASHA (Florida American Speech and Hearing Association) convention in 1992

Melissa continues her participation in several continuing education conferences to learn about new research and treatments for speech, language, and cognitive disorders.

Please contact 856.751.1937 for more information and to schedule an Appointment.